Yoga Class Descriptions

Native Yoga

An inspirational and challenging vinyasa sequence that blends breath, posture and movement to help develop focus and strength. Practiced in a warm room to 90 degrees. (Level 1/All Levels) 90 minutes

Native Hour
Vinyasa class in the Native tradition blending the best elements of traditional yoga with contemporary sequencing. Practiced in a warm room to 90 degrees. (Level 1/All Levels) 60 minutes.

HIIT Yoga - High Intensity Interval Training Yoga class. This is a 30 minute power yoga workout following the alignment principles of yoga using HIIT format for maximum calorie and fat burn. This is an intense class but all are welcome and modifications will be provided. 30 min

Ashtanga Yoga

These classes refer to led classes of the Ashtanga vinyasa system, as taught in the tradition of K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. These varied, flowing, set sequences of postures utilize ujjayi breath and bandhas (energy locks) to increases muscular strength, flexibility, concentration and to deepen one's connection to Self. 
Half First Series (Level 2) 75 minutes
First Series (Level 3) 90 minutes
Second Series (Level 4) 90 minutes *Offered once monthly. Please view online schedule here for this class schedule. 

Mysore Yoga

Practice at your own pace. Independent Ashtanga practice as taught in Mysore, India. Instructor present for hands-on guidance with attention to all levels. A one month commitment is recommended for new Mysore students. Those with an existing Mysore practice are welcome to drop in. (Mixed levels) 45 - 90 minutes based on prior experience.
Open Mysore Self Practice for experienced students Only. Must have instructor permission to attend.

Guided breath work practice as taught in the Ashtanga Yoga tradition. (All levels) 60 minutes

Native Hour

Vinyasa Flow
A yoga class consisting of an improvisational vinyasa free flow, linking breath to movement.  The sequence and postures are deeply inspired by the Ashtanga practice and geared towards all levels of practitioners.  Many options will be given to accommodate newer practitioners all the way up to highly practiced individuals.  Expect to experience a flowing, yet meditative practice, integrating elements of both the primary and intermediate postures of Ashtanga yoga. (All Levels) 60 minutes

Yin Flow - Slow, stable deep stretching. A practice to enhance flexibility, focus and moving stagnant energy through the body! Postures held 3-5 mins. (All levels) 60-75 min

Gentle Yoga - All Levels welcome. This class is perfect for those that enjoy a slow, easy and deeply relaxing yoga class. 60 min

Beach Yoga

Beach Yoga
Join us on our beautiful beach just steps from our door. Wake up your mind and senses in the fresh beach air. Enjoy an invigorating morning stretch! 60 minutes ~ Cost $10 Located at Marcinski Rd on the beach. Look for the Blue Fish Flag for our group! Saturdays at 8:30am during the winter season. Click here to view location on map.


Below is our weekly class schedule.
Click here to view live schedule with all current moon days and holiday changes reflected accurately.
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  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:30am Mysore
  Mysore (Open)    
7:45am   Mysore
Led 1st Series
8:00am   Hanuman
      Native Ashtanga
Led 1st 
9:30am Ashtanga
Led Half
1st Series
Native Native Native Hour Native    
10:00am           Native
12:00pm     Yin Flow   Native
4:30pm   Native
  Gentle Yoga Yin Flow    
6:00pm Native
Vinyasa Flow Native
Vinyasa Flow