Alter-NATIVE Yoga Teachers

Jill Frankel -

Jill Frankel offers Alignment Yoga Classes in the Iyengar Tradition at Native Yoga Center.

Alignment Yoga - Jill believes yoga is for all.  The class will explore basic asanas focusing on correct alignment.  No one is too old or too stiff for this class.  Props will be used liberally to facilitate students learning proper alignment. Through the exploration students will learn basic actions that increase strength, flexibility, and awareness, while soothing the mind.

Jill Frankel learned about yoga at a party in 1992, where she met her first teacher, Suzie Muchnick Spencer.  Suzie was telling her about her new Iyengar Yoga studio and encouraging Jill to come take a class.  Jill was extremely skeptical, being very stiff, and in her second trimester of pregnancy.  Jill decided to try it loved it and attended class regularly until moving seven months later.  Family, work (Jill has practiced law since 1990), and lack of a teacher as knowledgeable as Suzie, kept Jill away from yoga until she moved to Dallas in 2013.  In Dallas, Jill sought out another studio and found the BKS Iyengar Studio of Dallas, where she has been fortunate to study regularly with Randy Just, David Slack, Tatyana Wagner, Paula Weithman, and Greg White.  Jill was very sad to lose the ability to regularly attend classes with her move to Mobile in late 2017.  However to continue her practice, she entered the teacher training program at Audobon Yoga in New Orleans taught by Becky Lloyd and Randy Just.  Recently, Jill moved to Palm Beach Gardens.  Jill looks forward to continuing her teacher training at the BKS Iyengar Yoga Studio in Dallas with Randy Just and supplementing her individual practice with classes and IYoga in Delray Beach, the nearest Iyengar studio.
Saturday October 24, 2020