Alter-NATIVE Yoga Teachers

Kerry Perl -

Kerry is a lifelong student of fitness and personal self-development.  He advocates the philosophy that mind body and spirit are intricately connected and optimally cultivated in balanced proportion.  The yoga mat is the observation deck for the depth, quality and union of the triad.  

“I started practicing in 2004 after taking an interest in sitting meditation, on an invite, or rather a challenge, from a teacher at my gym. I tried the Bikram Hot Yoga class.  I was floored.  It hooked my ego and it’s been deconstructing it ever since. The combined practice of yoga and sitting meditation have changed my life from the inside out.”  

His passion for the “truth conversation,” led Kerry out of a twenty-year career in the corporate world of Wall Street and into the Raja Yoga Academy.  In 2017 he became a certified instructor in the Bikram Method and has been teaching locally ever since. Additionally, he has studied with renown teachers in the yoga field, including Ben Sears, & Tony Sanchez.  His wife and huge inspiration Jodi Perl, has been a Bikram teacher and practitioner for over fifteen years. Together they walk The Path. 

Kerry holds a degree from Georgetown University where he double majored in Literature and Psychology and was a collegiate athlete in the sport of Football. Kerry’s approach is compassionate, steadfast, consultative and holistic, targeting all components of physical, mental and spiritual wellness.
Thursday September 19, 2019