Native Yoga Center Testimonials

Check out what students are saying about Native Yoga Center:

Caron Regenbaum
I have been practicing yoga with Todd and Tamara at Native for almost 8 years now. They are both outstanding teachers who provide classes that continue to build on my yoga skills in a calm meditative and inspiring environment. I look forward to each and every class!

Rachel Vrabel
Five star yoga experience all around in a friendly, helpful, family atmosphere. The knowledge and professionalism of Todd and Tamara are unmatched and they are the BEST in palm beach county for a reason. I’ve been going to Native on and off for over ten years. I’ve been suffering low back disc issues for the past two years and started back to yoga several months ago, just doing the gentle stretch class and now also do the hot yoga classes with bikram poses. Each week I get stronger and feel so much better! Nothing has helped my back like these classes, and I finally feel like I’m on a path to recovery. Not only the physical strength but it’s changed my mindset to become more positive when dealing with pain and current limitations. Thank you Todd for giving me tips and personalized instruction along the way to nurture this journey of mine. These 3 classes a week have become the highlight of my entire week! What’s also different about this studio is that it’s bigger than most, so you can spread out and not feel crammed in, and the temp of the hot yoga is perfect! Whatever your level, you are always welcome here and it does not feel like a competition. Love y’all! So grateful for your good energy and expertise.

Maimi Taylor
So lucky to find a great teachers when I moved to USA.
Good vibes to welcome and clean studio for all levels!!! My yoga teacher training was at this Native yoga center, I’ll always come back and Namaste to Todd and Tamra whenever I can! it’s like a home.
you will be very happy after your class!
Ashtanga is the best and also I love yin class with Sarah too:)
Definitely worth it to invest for yourself.

Janelle Correia
I took the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and it was a wonderful experience. Todd and Tamara have so much knowledge about yoga and you can tell how passionate they are. They teach about the poses, philosophy, anatomy and more. I feel welcome in every class and enjoy learning something new each time.

Barbara Dar
This place is the bomb for all yogis, especially ashtangis! I spent several weeks here in the Mysore room and got back most of my pre-pandemic practice, despite some physical challenges. Todd, Rebecca, Tamara and Noni are all first rate and mindful of each student’s issues. Was very sad to leave but will definitely return!

Lourdes Basmajian
Native Yoga is a community of amazing, inspiring, and kind people. Instructors are knowledgeable, friendly and passionate. The facility is clean, serene and a judgment-free studio that caters to all levels. I personally have enjoyed learning the Ashtanga practice with Todd, Tamara, and staff and consistently enjoy the challenge. Their knowledge has inspired me to continue my yoga journey. Highly Recommend!
P.S. When my friends visit from out of town, Native is their favorite studio to practice.

Rebecca Berman
I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to practice yoga at Native Yoga Center. All their teachers are exceptional including the owners Todd and Tamara, who truly are the most experienced and knowledgable yoga teachers in the area. The atmosphere is positive and welcoming to beginners, advanced students and everyone in between. I have so much love for this yoga studio, it really is my home away from home.

Gunther Schwartz
Native yoga is an amazing yoga studio. It has the best instructors, they treat each other like family and care so much about you and the beautiful Juno beach community. Their owner Todd McLaughlin is extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher. His smile and enjoyment for the practice of yoga is contagious. Native Yoga isn’t just a studio but at native yoga they make it feel like home. You walk out of there feeling good and ready for more.

Neldy Diaz
The Native Yoga center is a beautiful warm Yoga community where you will be welcomed and treated like family.
Todd and Tamara are very genuine people and incredible teachers who teach with heart and are totally dedicated to the practice. All of their instructors are amazing and will inspire you. I enjoy all of the classes with all of the different teachers. I love that this beautiful Yoga studio is located across from the beach.

Woody Gardner
I absolutely love Native Yoga because all of the instructors are encouraging and helpful. They take the time to get to know you and your abilities in order to help you get the most out of your practice. All levels are welcomed with a smile and personal tour of the space so you feel at home on your first class. Thank you Tamara and Todd for creating a special place in the middle of all the chaos and stress.

Amy Stauber
Native Yoga Center has been my yoga home for over 11 years. Todd and Tamara are gifted teachers who inspire a dedicated practice in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Their teacher training program provides expert knowledge of sequencing, history and philosophy, advanced postures, hands-on adjustments, and anatomy. Native also frequently hosts leading ashtanga teachers from around the country for workshops, offers meditation classes, and features musical events. Native is the place to go for the best yoga classes in the area and for a well-rounded yoga community.

Sarah Trinler
I had the blessing and pleasure to be taught by Todd and Tamara McLaughlin at the Native Yoga Studio at a time in life that shaped me into the yoga teacher I am today. Their commitment and dedication to the studio and students is 110%. If you are in the area you must go to this space and experience a class or workshop - the teachers are a gift to the community. If you are considering doing a teacher training look no further! Todd, Tamara and the rest of their knowledgeable staff will help you rise to your teaching potential!!! I am so grateful I had the opportunity to grow with them.

Austin Taylor
Todd and Tamara are very special people!!! They met while involved in the study of Yoga and have developed a lifelong partnership through their mutual devotion to the study of their art, and it shows in their practice! The commitment they’ve shown to spreading the benefits of yoga to their community and abroad is remarkable. You couldn’t find two more genuine and enthusiastic practitioners! I really enjoy their company and get a deep sense of what kind of vibrancy can be achieved from following in their footsteps and practicing with them at their studio, Native Yoga!

Jamie Spritzer
Native Yoga is like home to me. Todd and Tamara, the owners, are amazing teachers, truly authentic and knowledgeable. You are always greeted with a warm smile and the classes and teachers are all equally TERRIFIC! I've practiced there for years, and went through the 500 hr teacher training program, and that in itself has been an incredible journey. Highly recommend it!

Jackie Keady
I have been a seasonal practitioner at Native Yoga since 2016 and am beyond grateful to have such a professional, clean, safe and inviting space waiting for me when I am away from my New England home. The owners, Todd and Tamara McLaughlin, are welcoming, inclusive and respectful of all levels of students and visitors. They offer classes and workshops that are suitable to a variety of abilities and their yoga instructors are just wonderful. The Jupiter/Juno community is fortunate to have Native Yoga and the McLaughlins!

Travis Suit
I LOVE this yoga studio!!! Todd and his wife have created such a wonderful space to enjoy the practice in a comfortable and supportive environment. I recently attended a yoga challenge charity fundraiser with my daughter, and it was so much fun. It's wonderful to see a family run business embrace the values of compassion and community with focused enthusiasm and grace. I highly recommend stopping by and meeting the teachers and seeing the space first hand. Five stars all the way around! :)

Susan DiCostanzo
I have had the pleasure of practicing with and training under Todd and Tamara for many years. I consider Native Yoga Center more than a neighborhood hub, it's a global hub. They have the ability to teach a class with practitioners that are seasoned and newbies. Their outline for teacher training is aimed at giving the most knowledge to set one up for success in the world of yoga teaching. Their warmth resonates when you walk in and out their door. Namaste

Nikki Rescignano
I travel for work, so I get to try out different studios all over place. Native Yoga is the best Ashtanga studio that I have found. Todd and Tamara (actually, all of their instructors) have strong, clear verbal cues and give meaningful adjustments/assists that will help you understand your practice better. I am always encouraged here and there is always some laughter shared during class. This is not the type of studio to be nervous to walk in to. They are awesome....🙏

Mark Buser
Native yoga is a wonderful place to learn and practice. The space is open and clean, the people are relaxed, but focused. Todd and Tamara have created an atmosphere of joy and learning. You know why you are practicing every single time you leave this studio.
The schedule is varied, so pick your level. If the class is too advanced, no worries, you will get modifications. The Native yoga hours is the "easiest" class. It is like an Ashtanga lite that is beautifully thought though. They fit a lot in. It is an amazing hour of yoga.
Wonderful place. Great teachers. I am truly grateful this studio exists.

Karmin Cassanelli
Native Yoga Center is one of a kind!  You can sense from the moment you enter the studio that this is a special place with very special people.  Todd and Tamara have such a warm and welcoming presence and it resonates with all who practice there.  The combination of extensive knowledge, genuine passion for the practice and dedication to mindfulness weaves its way through every class and is truly infectious.

Ryan Steinolfson
I have been to yoga studios all over the world and this one I love coming back to.
Todd and Tamara and their instructors are very good at what they do and they give the best guidance. They understand all forms of Yoga and have been practicing for many years.
The vibe is very positive and it feels like family every time I go.
The studio is always very clean and the music they play is amazing.
Try the Thai massage as well.

Sean Spencer
I started yoga a little late in life, and felt a bit intimidated. But Todd and Tamara have created such a welcoming space for everyone. They have such a deep knowledge of all aspects of yoga and are exceptional teachers. 12 years after walking into Native Yoga, I even became a teacher myself, and I owe it all to Todd and Tamara.

Julie Huthmaker
Fantastic place for a beginner like me, but if you are experienced they have advanced classes as well. The atmosphere is very authentic and true to the spiritual practice of yoga. If want an unbelievable experience, follow up with a Thai message. Todd helped my daughter after she injured a muscle doing gymnastics. He was skillful and gentle getting the knot out of her back and eliminating the need for medications! We were so grateful!

Steve Content
Todd, Tamara and all the instructors at Native Yoga are outstanding. I was new to yoga and totally intimidated when I started a year and a half ago, but the whole team was expert and welcoming. After a few months I started attending the Mysore classes. I still felt a little ridiculous at first, but have continued to attend faithfully because the instructors offer excellent one-on-one guidance in the context of a group class. People of all levels practice side by side, and Todd, Bob and Katie each provide instruction, assists, and challenges as appropriate to each individual. I have seen definite change in my strength and flexibility, and more importantly in my breathing- especially in moments of stress or anxiety. My Mysore practice is a highlight of my day. I strongly recommend Native Yoga.

Lisa Anacora
This is a fantastic yoga studio, filled with lovely people. I've practised vinyassa styles for a few years so coming to Ashtanga as a newbie was a little daunting, but I'm so glad I have. I started with trying the Native Hour which is a great intro to the studio, and I've found the Mysore classes in the mornings a brilliant way of learning the series. Todd's way of teaching is wonderful, especially as he has loads of patience and good humour! Beautiful place - go try it.

Lisa Schreier
Best yoga studio in Palm Beach County, for sure. I have consistently practiced Mysore yoga there for over 12 years. Todd and Tamara are experienced, educated, skilled and very knowledgable about yoga. Appropriate individual attention is given when needed; the Mysore practice and atmosphere at the studio is low-key, comfortable and very accessible. I highly recommend Native Yoga!

Cliff Samuel
Being involved with Ashtanga Mysore style Yoga practice since 2001 and practicing with multiple teachers, Jupiter/West Palm Beach residents are blessed to have such a wonderful yoga studio. Todd is my all-time favorite teacher and anyone seeking an authentic and inspiring experience will be greatly rewarded.

Suzanne Pomeroy
I love this place!! Todd and Tamara are not only wonderful, kind, conscientious and professional teachers, but they also provide a wonderful community. They offer teacher training, workshops and they invite internationally known teachers to their facility for additional trainings. I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years and I drive 40 minutes to practice with Todd and Tamara, because they are that good!

Christiane Soule
Since moving here 7 years ago I have found peace, love and my yoga family here at Native Yoga!
So excited to be following a dream of mine to become an yoga instructor and very blessed to be taught by the best Todd and Tamara.
You guys really are a pillar of love in our beautiful community.

Michael Borbone
This is an outstanding studio with an incredible staff. If you've never taken a yoga class or if you're a daily yogi, this is the perfect studio to find a home in. I lived in NYC for over a decade; and I've been to wonderful studios all over the country, but none are superior to this studio. The first time I took a class at Native, four years ago, I knew I had finally found the studio and the practice that was just right for me. The husband and wife founders are extremely knowledgeable and truly committed to the philosophy of yoga.

Michele Jacobs
I just began practicing Yoga a few months ago and was able to take the 5 day beginners class with Todd. It was amazing and Todd is a fantastic teacher. Every instructor at this studio is patient, kind and motivating and I am so grateful I have found this studio....It is quickly becoming a new obsession for me!! Thank you Todd and Tamara!!

Andrew Robinson
I’ve been to Native Yoga several times, and Todd and Tamara the owners are always kind and super helpful! I’m not very good at yoga, but they adapt to your skill level and make the class comfortable for all levels, novice to expert. I’ll be back when I’m in town!

Kent Tewell
I have known Todd and Tamara the owners of Native Yoga for many years. Their studio is simply the best in the area. They also have interesting workshops, and great annual getaway retreats. I highly recommend their business, first rate.

Cynthia Chesnes
I have found relief from my chronic conditions by the healing highly educated and uplifting yoga instructors here at Native. It can changed your life to learn ashtunga or the native series classes. Just being there is fun . Todd and Tamara treat you like family!