Zen Buddhist Meditation w/ Michael Shea, PhD, April 22nd - August 12th, 2021

Zen Buddhist Meditation - The Practice of Zazen 

An Hour of Serenity by Michael J Shea, PhD

Based on the Teachings of the Upaya Institute founded by Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD

Native Yoga, Juno Beach, FL

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When: Thursday Evenings 7:30-8:30pm
Tuesdays midday 12-1pm.
Beginning April 22-August 12.
Michael will respond to questions for 15 minutes at the end of each hour.

What: An hour of serenity. What is Zazen? It is the self-enjoyment practice of a Buddha.

The serenity hour is divided into 25 minutes of Zazen, 10 minutes of walking meditation (one step-one breath) and ending with 25 minutes of Zazen. Brief meditation instruction will be given at the beginning of each segment. The practice of Zazen will be taught as follows:

Upaya Meditation Instructions

1) Settle the posture: Gather your attention and settle into a posture that supports your practice. 
2) Cultivate an unselfish motivation: recall your intention to awaken in order to serve others. 
3) Attention on the breath: stabilizing attention to cultivate attentional balance and concentration. 
4) As appropriate, notice the arising in passing of phenomena (impermanence), selflessness: insight. 
5) When concentration is very stable, the attentional field opens to choiceless awareness: shikantaza (just sitting).
6) Dedication of merit: offer whatever good has arisen to others. 

Instructor: Michael J. Shea, PhD

Dr. Shea has been a practicing Buddhist since 1980. He received a master’s degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University in 1986. He became a formal student of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 2005. Dr. Shea is currently enrolled in the Upaya Institute Buddhist Chaplaincy program.

Location: Native Yoga, 833 Donald Ross Rd. Juno Beach, FL 33408

Cost: Donation
50% of proceeds will benefit Pipers Angel Foundation who is dedicating to serving the Cystic Fibrosis community.
50% to cover utilities at Native Yoga Center.

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Room Setup: Students are expected to bring their own meditation cushion to sit on, so the knees are comfortably below the plane of the hips. Social distancing between cushions will be practiced if necessary. Masks are optional. Please arrive several minutes early to set up. Meditation begins on time and doors will be locked.
Wednesday July 28, 2021