Extreme Yin Asana Practice w/ Marilyn Haifa, Sunday, Feb 25th, 12pm -3pm

Extreme Yin Asana Practice 
w/ Marilyn Haifa
Sunday, Feb 25th
12pm -3pm

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After 2/19 $70

Pre registration is required to help us plan for Marilyn's travel to Juno Beach to share this amazing practice with us.

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Deepen your practice and understanding of self through the fusion of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian System with traditional yoga poses, and begin to sense the subtle energy within the body.

Practice begins with the Complete Pranayama Sequence, focusing on breath retention and Bhandas, and continues with chanting, all to clear energy and bring focus to the inner world in preparation for the Extreme Yin asana practice. 

Extreme Yin was developed by Dr. Rose Erin Vaughan from Science of Self. The practice includes Meridian Slapping Activation Technique, Meridian Arm Stretches, a vinyasa warmup, poses and self-acupressure that support the meridian pathways, leading up to longer held poses to facilitate release within the myofascial pathways and deeper, all while quieting and observing the mind. Relax in savasana to a Meridian Circuit Meditation.

Marilyn Haifa Bio
Marilyn first began her daily yoga practice in February 2010 in San Diego, where she managed studios while continuously practicing and self-studying. She was first certified in February 2016 in Beverly Hills to teach YogaBarre. During her travels for independent film production she moved to Santa Cruz in 2018 and became certified to teach Bikram, Yin, Restorative, Pranayama and Chanting, also studying with Ida Ripley during that time to become certified in I.R.I.S (intermediate Bikram). She continued her studies with Dr. Rose Erin Vaughan in 2022, taking the 300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Woodstock, amongst other SOS trainings thereafter, and began teaching for Science of Self. She now also teaches Master Class, Meridian Yoga Therapy, Extreme Yin, Acupressure and Senior Therapeutics. She has taught full time in various cities but has been in the Daytona Beach area since May 2020 where she teaches the wide variety of practices and has developed and held several workshops each year. She is thrilled to share this innovative fusion practice of TCM with yoga, and truly loves guiding yogis deeper into themselves, helping to facilitate emotional release, move past limitations and unlocking their unique spiritual gifts while simultaneously finding the joy in the practice itself.

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