Transformational Breathwork Workshop w/ Caitlyn Burkhardt, Sunday, March 5th, 1:30pm

Transformational Breathwork Workshop
with Caitlyn Burkhardt

Sunday, March 5th
1:30pm - 3:30pm EST

In Studio and Livestream (you will receive an email with zoom link 30 minutes prior to the session)
Cost: $50 per person

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Do you wonder what breathwork is and how can it help me?
There are many different types of techniques covered under the umbrella term “breathwork”, but what are they and what do they do?

During this workshop you will learn:

*The mechanics of breathing 

*Breathing for core stability and pelvic floor strength

*How your breathing patterns affect your mental and physical health

*Self assessments for lung capacity and weak spots in your diaphragm 

*The differences in somatic breathwork modalities such as whim hof, Holotropic, and transformational breath and how they work 

*Learn techniques to quell anxiety, increase focus, & improve athletic performance 

You’ll also go on a transformational breathwork journey guided by Caitlyn and her specially curated playlist . 

Unlock your self healing capabilities and reprogram limiting beliefs all with the power of your breath!

Contraindications for transformational BW include:
Pregnancy, hyper/hypotension, history of seizures/epilepsy, history of aneurysm, asthma, severe osteoporosis, bipolar and schitzophrenia.

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