Soulstigator Spark Workshop with Wendy Posillico, Sept 27th 7pm

Soulstigator Spark Workshop with Wendy Posillico 
When: September 27th at 7pm to 8pm
Where: Native Yoga Center ~ In Studio
Investment: $35 

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Have you lost your spark? Losing your spark means you feel exhausted, lost, overwhelmed, drained, burnt out, and/or disconnected from the world. When you lose your spark you can't be the kind of leader who motivates and shows up for their team. You can't be a business owner who can persuade people to buy from you. You can't be the teacher whose students become leaders of tomorrow. You can't be the parent who is a good role model for their child. You can't be the kind of companion your partner deserves. 
You are not alone. Losing your spark is completely normal and happens to all of us from time to time. The good news is you can always reignite your lost spark.  

Join us for the Soulstigator Spark Workshop to rediscover your lost spark. Through journal prompts, storytelling, breathwork, and meditation exercises, I will help you:
  • Connect to your story, and explore the things that light you up
  • Find out what's causing you to lose your spark
  • Learn how to be intentional and present, and live with what you can and cannot control
  • Reconnect to yourself, and shift your relationships with those around you
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Wendy's bio
Hi, I’m Wendy Posillico – Former Elite athlete, LPGA professional, Mindset and Performance coach, Host of Journey to June Podcast, Founder of Live Your June, and mother to Josi June.

Being an extraordinary leader or athlete takes a certain mindset. Trust me, I’ve taken the unconventional road to where I am today and my journey has been far from easy. From starting a sport at 30, to having a child on my own at 40, and multiple career changes in between, I’ve faced my fair share of loneliness, uncertainty, and overwhelm.

One thing I know for sure is that navigating these transitions is easier when you know yourself and trust your instincts. My job is to help you see your true gifts – not as a leader or athlete, but as a human – so that you can tap into your uniqueness, achieve your true potential, and make a mark in the world.

Having worked with incredible coaches and leaders, such as Bo Eason and Claud Harmon, I’m now on a mission to inspire others to live their truth and chase their dreams, so they can leave their bold imprint on the world.

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