Crossing for a Cure Yoga Challenge, Saturday, May 18th, 12pm

Crossing for a Cure Yoga Challenge
Special Fundraising Event
at Native Yoga Center

Saturday, May 18th, 2019
12pm - 1:30pm

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Endurance requires focus, determination and commitment. Help raise money for Piper's Angels and Crossing for a Cure at this fun and unique event. There will be 5 poses that you can choose to participate in. Ranging from very easy to challenging.

The 5 poses are:
Child's Pose
Tree Pose
Downward Facing Dog
Handstand supported by a wall
Freestanding Handstand

The idea is simple. There is a minimum donation of $25 to participate. Of course you can donate more if you like. The group will all take the position of the pose. Child's pose for example. We will set a timer and see who can hold the the pose the longest without moving. Sounds easy right?? Well, this is an endurance event. How long can you hold it? What are you going to do when it gets uncomfortable? Of course you can move and exit the pose anytime you like. You can also choose to stay with the pose and work through some of the discomfort that may come with taking a position and sticking to it. It is not a competition with anyone else in the room. It is more a competition with your self. Come see what you are made of. Come help us reach our fundraising goal for Crossing for a Cure!

100% of all donations are going to Piper's Angels. You can donate by making a check directly to Piper's Angels. You can donate cash at the door. If you would like to donate with credit card please do so on my fundraising page here. Make a minimum donation of $25 and let me know when you arrive that you have done so. (This makes accounting easy and puts the money direct to Piper's Angels)

Questions? email me at

Thank you for your support! You can participate in this endurance event and be a part of the Crossing for the Cure without having to paddle all the way from Bahamas to Florida. :) 

Rules for each Pose
Everybody is welcome. This is a family friendly event. We encourage kids and parents to participate. This really is about having fun and seeing what it is like to try to hold a pose as long as you possibly can.

Child's Pose - Once your in you can't move.
Tree Pose - You are balancing on one leg. How long can you balance? Once you other foot touches down your time is up.
Downdog- Once you put your hands and feet down you are in. You are not allowed to lift your hands or feet. If you hands slip forward, you are allowed to slide them back but you cannot lift a limb. Once a limb is lifted you are out. :)
Supported Handstand - Once the hands are planted and feet are on wall it is all about how long can you hold it? once feet come down timer is up.
Freestanding Handstand - Once you lift up, you have to keep hands planted. You cannot walk on hands to hold balance. Once feet come down time is up. This one you have 3 tries and the longest try is your final score.

Remember, this is about having fun. This is not a yoga competition. I will boast up the winners of each challenge on our social media and email. Yet what we are winning at is raising money for a good cause to help others who are in need!

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