SWARA -The Science of Breath W/ Rama, Wednesday May 16th 7:30pm

SWARA -The Science of Breath
W/  Rama

Wednesday May 16th 7:30pm


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Swara is an old technique that consists of observing the breath, taking into account the left and right nostril and using the awareness to change the bodies chemistry in order to create a balance in your favor.

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Rama was a monk in the tradition of maharaja Buddhism for more than 8 years where he lived in a monastery in Nepal and was involved in different spiritual practices such as Yoga, Karma Yoga, Swara Yoga and was an Ayurvedic assistant. After that he moved to Europe and was working with Dr. Renade Subash where he was assisting in different holistic therapies and  Ayurvedic centers. Rama is Colombian and visiting Florida for the first time. Namaste
Friday May 25, 2018